Nissan Motors Philippines, Inc. executives have recently been hinting at the possibility of a new model in the subcompact segment for the Philippines; not a hatchback, but a sedan.

Perhaps it could be this car: the new Nissan Almera.

Launched today in Thailand, the Almera follows the Thai government's eco-car program; Nissan being the first automaker to launch a sedan that fits the program's profile.

Almera Rear

Produced at Nissan's plant in Samutprakarn, Thailand, the new car features a modern, stylish exterior with a spacious interior, and showcases Nissan's eco-friendly Pure Drive technology. The Almera is powered by a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 79 PS and a maximum torque of 106 Nm. The car was launched with both a five-speed manual transmission and Nissan's XTRONIC-CVT. It is also equipped with an idling stop system that stops the engine in traffic, reducing consumption and lowering CO2 emissions to just 102g/km and a claimed economy of 20km/l.

Almera Interior

Currently, Nissan Motors Philippines has no model competing in the subcompact segment. It was expected that the Nissan March was going to arrive, but those plans were stalled because of a high projected MSRP.

Hopefully Nissan Motors would invest in producing a left-hand drive model for the Philippines and, of course, that it arrive with a competitive price tag.