Nissan recently announced the sales launch of the fully redesigned Teana luxury sedan at dealers across Japan marketed under the "SHIFT_hospitality" tagline, reflecting its new dimension of hospitality, superb comfort and quiet, roomy interior. Thew new Teana offers a number of significant "firsts" including being the first Nissan model in the Japanese market to utilize the newly developed "D" platform and the first in its class to feature a stylish glass roof.

Graceful, Elegant Exterior Styling

The Teana's new, meticulously executed exterior design presents a modern, artistic form. Defined by its bold yet elegant character line, which forms a sweeping arc extending from the front to the rear of the vehicle.

The powerful front end is highlighted by a new grille, bumper and headlight design. The grille is composed of horizontal bars, with a three-dimensional look as if cut from a sphere, while the headlights are designed with a vertical motif that flows dynamically from the front. Bi-xenon headlights and Active AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System) are offered as a factory-installed option on the Teana 250XV and 350XV models.

The body side treatment blends richly flared body panels with boldly curved lines. The elegant, six-light windows are designed to emphasize the luxurious space of the interior. The outside mirrors are also optimally shaped to minimize wind noise and the side moldings are executed in a sword motif, imparting a sense of fine quality.

In the rear, the combination lights' sculpted forms project outward from the body, creating an impressive, wide-looking rear view. The rear bumper provides a feeling of stability and premium quality.

The Teana come standard with Nissan's Scratch Shield, which self-repairs minor scratch marks in the paint surface while, Deep Amethyst Gray will be available as an all-new Nissan color.

A Relaxing, Artistic Interior With Wave-like Design Themes

The Teana interior is meticulously executed with an emphasis on comfort and fine quality, combining relaxation that soothes both mind and body and hospitality befitting a modern living room for all passengers.

The seats feature a vibrational absorption urethane cushion material and are shaped so that the occupant's entire body is uniformly supported for enhanced ride comfort. In addition, the seat pads adopt a slab urethane layer to form a three-layered structure that noticeably improves the soft feeling of the seating surface.

The driver's seat incorporates an adjustable lumbar support mechanism that reduces the feeling of fatigue on long drives, while the front-passenger seat continues to offer the power ottoman that has been a popular comfort feature on the first-generation Teana.

Teana's new instrument panel design is highlighted by soft padding, which appears to "float" above the wood-grain paneling. The center cluster panel is integrated with the instrument panel, and the new center console design, which combines slope and wavelike cues, projects a rich three-dimensional image. Even the door trim imparts a comfortable, sofa-like image, while the armrest design projects the impression of abundant size and unity with the seats.

Indirect lighting is thoughtfully provided in the center console and the door assist grips (excluding the driver's door) to illuminate the surrounding area. Even the door assist grips, while based on ergonomic principles, incorporate a wave-like line for a distinctly fresh look.

Nissan's Intelligent Key System is also standard on all models. This system provides improved anti-theft functionality, including electric-assisted power steering lockup, engine immobilizer and other deterrents linked to the ID code stored in the key fob.

Significantly Enhanced Performance and a Flat, Comfortable Ride

Three engine variants will be available to the new Teana, the new VQ25DE engine, the VQ35DE V6 and an QR25DE engine for the 4WD variant. The 2.5-liter VQ25DE engine generates maximum power of 185 PS at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 232 Nm at 4400 rpm. The larger 3.5-liter VQ35DE engine produces maximum power of 252 PS at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 335 Nm at 4400 rpm. The QR25DE engine generates maximum power of 167 PS at 5600 rpm and maximum torque of 240 Nm at 4000 rpm.

Both of the VQ engines deliver 80% of their maximum torque at 1600 rpm for exceptional driving ease, combined with smooth, effortless revving to 6000 rpm for acceleration performance. The VQ engines also utilize a six-point engine mounting system that better disperses engine torque-induced vibration and has lower spring constants for reduced engine noise during start-off acceleration.

All Teana models are fitted with Nissan's new XTRONIC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) incorporating Adaptive Shift Control (ASC), a newly developed shift control system. ASC controls the shift timing according to the driver's personal driving style and the driving environment in order to optimize both power performance and fuel economy. The XTRONIC CVT used on the 3.5-liter-equipped models also includes a six-speed manual shift mode and features a synchro-rev control system that controls the throttle during a downshift to synchronize the engine speed with the transmission for smooth, responsive shifting.

Teana is the first Nissan model in the Japanese market to feature the newly developed "D" platform. This platform optimally balances a flat, comfortable ride with the quietness, superb handling and stability of a car one class higher.

To help ensure high body stiffness, the Teana adopts an X-shaped cowl top structure for increased coupling stiffness with the instrument panel and a new joint member structure for greater coupling stiffness between the upper and lower structures. Along with the extensive use of a high grade of ultra-high tensile steel (980 MPa class), the body has a multiple load path construction that better absorbs and disperses impact energy. This further evolution of Nissan's high-strength Zone Body achieves both enhanced crashworthiness and weight savings.

Teana's newly developed front suspension incorporates shock absorbers with built-in rebound springs that suppress the extension stroke during body roll to provide stable cornering performance. A newly developed multi-link suspension is used at the rear. Additionally, the shock absorbers are positioned closer to the tires to provide excellent driving stability, even at a lower level of damping force.

Extra attention was also paid to the control of noise, vibration and harshness. Low interior noise levels are achieved through effective isolation of noise outside the cabin by applying paint sealer and foam materials to block tiny holes and gaps in the body structure and by optimally positioning sound-absorbing materials.

For enhanced driving convenience, the Teana comes with a side blind-spot monitor, which helps provides visual assistance by reducing the left front blind spot when positioning the car alongside the curb, parking or meeting oncoming traffic on a narrow road. Teana also features a back-view monitor, which uses a small CCD camera to take a color picture of the area behind the car for display on the navigation system monitor. Both monitor systems are standard on the 250XV and 350 XV and are offered in a set with the navigation system as a factory-installed option on all other models.