Nissan Philippines is looking to revolutionize the electric car market with the all-new Leaf. With 150 PS on tap and a 40-kilowatt-hour battery pack, the PH-spec Leaf is quoted to have an urban range of about 311 kilometers

Today, the company is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the electric car, as well as the delivery of the 500,000th unit sold since the model was first introduced.

“In marking these milestones, we firstly want to express our appreciation to all the customers who have come on this electrifying journey with us,” said Nissan president and CEO Makoto Uchida. “By switching to electric mobility, customers around the world have brought us all closer to a more sustainable and resilient society.”

Nissan PH to start Leaf EV sales as model reaches 500K sale milestone image

With over half a million Leaf customers, Nissan estimates that Leaf customers have driven their cars approximately 16 billion kilometers cumulatively worldwide. With it, Nissan says that this has prevented more than 2.5 billion kilograms of harmful CO2 emissions from venting onto the atmosphere.

But when will Nissan PH actually launch the Leaf? There's no definite date yet, but the Leaf is already present on the local website which you can access here. As for recharging the Leaf, Nissan not only plans to provide customers with a home charging system, the automaker also wants to install fast chargers at dealers. That way, customers can recharge their Leaf while at the dealership.

Nissan PH to start Leaf EV sales as model reaches 500K sale milestone image

How much will the Nissan Leaf cost once it's officially launched? The company is looking to price it between PhP 1,800,000 to PhP 2,000,000. The pricing isn't final yet but there will likely be one variant available only for the Leaf.

Do you think the Leaf will be able to attract those that wish to have an EV in the Philippines?

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