Nissan’s Autonomous Driving technology gets a nod from during the 2013 CEATEC Japan when it was awarded the Gran Prix award at the CEATEC Innovation Awards. The said award was granted by a panel of independent US journalists involved in information technology and consumer electronics.

The event in Japan recognizes different technologies that have been developed for various products and services. The jury present assessed the exhibits using different categories in order evaluate the potential impact of the technologies in the US market.

Nissan shares two firsts for winning the award – first, Nissan became the first auto manufacturer to receive the top award, and it is also the first time Nissan to win the award.

Last week, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn rode in a Nissan LEAF equipped with the Autonomous Drive technology to demonstrate the comfort in using the feature.

“Nissan's Autonomous Drive technology will greatly benefit future society by reducing traffic accidents and fatalities, preventing traffic congestion and contributing to a reduction in environmental issues through improved fuel economy,” said the panel’s citation after giving the Grand Prix award.

Aside from the top prize, the technology also won the Smart Mobility, Special Award category.