If there's one thing we'd like to add in the Nissan Navara, it would be a larger audio/video display screen. That's because, for quite some time already, the Navara had to make do with a small display that wasn't even a touchscreen. As petty as it sounds, most of its competitors come with more comprehensive touchscreens and features. In this day and age, a good infotainment system can make or break a sale.

So Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) is glad to announce that they have rectified the issue of the Navara's small screen. At the same time, it gets a tech update and upgrade that brings it bang up to date. For the 2019 model year, Nissan has fitted their pickup with what they call their Advanced Display Audio.

The Navara now boasts a much larger 8-inch touchscreen, a big improvement over last year's model. Nissan says one of the main benefits of the bigger display is a better view of their 360-degree camera, allowing owners to see clearer when making maneuvers and such. It also frees up the center stack from buttons, cleaning up that section of the interior.

Nissan Navara (finally) gets a big touchscreen image

Not only that, the new screen also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So for those who struggle connecting their bluetooth devices to their vehicle's audio, all you'll need in the Navara is your cable, a few option changes in your smartphone (or other devices), and you're good to go. At the same time, most of your phone's functions and some applications are displayed on the touchscreen, ready for use.

Want it? Unfortunately, this feature is reserved and exclusive for the top of the line range, the 4x4 VL. If you're looking for this system in the 4x2 models, it isn't installed on those variants. Hopefully, Nissan will eventually make this standard across most of the line.

The good news is, it's available for both manual and automatic versions of the VL four-wheel drive models. For reference, the 4x4 VL with a six-speed manual starts at Php 1,419,000, while the 4x4 VL with the seven-speed automatic retails for Php 1,479,000.