Nissan’s diesel engines still have a future in Asia

It's no secret that the traditional internal-combustion engine is slowly being replaced. In particular, some automakers in developed markets have already started the process of dropping diesel engines from their lineup in order to distance themselves from the long lasting stigma of dieselgate. 

Despite markets being more averse to diesels, it seems some manufacturers have not given up on it yet. One of them is Nissan.

When asked about the future of diesels in their lineup, Nissan’s global light commercial vehicle (LCV) boss, Francois Bailly, told us that their diesel engines won’t be going away just yet. Well, that's for Asia at least.

Despite the decline of diesel in Europe, the same can’t be said in Asia and Oceania regions. In fact, the Terra, Navara, and the NV350, all of which use diesel engines, continue to be some of the best selling Nissan vehicles in the region.

Bailly says that Nissan builds cars in order to meet the demand of people. Different markets have different needs, and in Asia and Oceania, diesel continues to be a popular choice. As such, the diesel engine will still continue to be built in order to cater to our region.

So if you’re worried about diesel engine completely dying out from Nissan’s lineup, there’s no need to do so. There is a very high chance it will continue to be offered and sold in the Philippines in the future, even if other markets have already started to drop diesel motors.

What Nissan will start doing, however, is start offering more electric and electrified vehicles in the future for Asia; us included. They have a grand plan to offer many more models with the new technology alongside more traditional internal combustion models. 

One thing is clear though: Nissan is paving the way for electrification of LCV models judging by how the company has been working on E-Power for upcoming crossover SUVs. As to when we'll see these models, only the bosses at Nissan know.