Here's something interesting from the ASEAN EV Summit happening now at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in Pasay City.

In a briefing with Mr. Yutaka Sanada, Nissan Motor Company's Senior Vice President and the head of Nissan Asia and Oceania (of which Philippines is a part of), he said that the company is seriously planning the introduction of the Note e-Power hybrid electric vehicle in the Philippines and ASEAN.

Nissan planning to introduce Note EV for PH, ASEAN

The Nissan Note e-Power is a gas-electric hybrid variant of the Note subcompact hatchback that they are marketing in Japan. Unlike hybrids such as the Prius, the engine of the Note is not directly connected (via a transmission) to the wheels; instead, it is driven purely by an electric motor and batteries, and are charged in kind by the 1.2-liter HR12DE internal combustion engine.

Nissan planning to introduce Note EV for PH, ASEAN

Effectively the Note e-Power is an electric vehicle with a petrol engine charging it. It is reported that Note e-Power is able to achieve 1500 kilometers on a full tank in Japan.

Sanada gave no timeline or target date. We asked Sanada about the timing given the impending tax hike and lack of government incentives towards ultra-efficient or hybrid electric vehicles. 

Nissan planning to introduce Note EV for PH, ASEAN

“Regardless of support, we will make it happen,” said Mr. Yutaka Sanada of Nissan. 

Sanada was unable to give specifics on pricing. Mr. Ramesh Narasimhan, the president of Nissan Philippines, Inc. chimed in when asked about pricing. 

“The range of affordability will depend on government support,” said Mr. Narasimhan.