While the Nissan Sylphy is no spring chicken, it could be said that it has been given a new purpose in life. The folks from Nissan took the drivetrain from the Leaf and it now resides under the chassis of the said sedan. The result is the Japanese automaker creating an all-electric Sylphy.

Leaf sedan anyone? Nissan builds an all-electric Sylphy

Nissan is keen to expand their electric vehicle portfolio but it is worth noting that they don't have a sedan EV until now. With the battery-powered Sylphy, dubbed the Sylphy Zero Emissions, the company says it uses the same tech from the Leaf and it aims to be Nissan's next step towards their drive for a wider acceptance and reach for electric cars in China. With that said, the car will only be offered in China.


Specs weren't fully revealed just yet but Nissan claims that the car can do up to 338 kilometers on a single charge. The company is also saying that interior room was not sacrificed to make way for the battery. Its batteries are placed under the seat and they are saying the space is largely similar to the regular Sylphys. No interior photos just yet but it is likely that the look is similar to the fuel-fed Sylphy save for changes to the gauges to display info regarding battery range. It might even get the Leaf's electro-mechanical gear selector as well.

Leaf sedan anyone? Nissan builds an all-electric Sylphy

As for the looks, it blends the front fascia of the facelifted model with elements from the Leaf. The headlights see an upswept design while the center features the Leaf's V-Motion flash surface grill in clear blue. It also has the same plug location as its hatchback stablemate. Further separating the Zero Emissions model from the standard ones are the blue highlights and the reshaped bumpers, both at the front and at the rear. Lastly, the wheels, which are similar in design to the Leaf, are unique to this model.