Nissan is pushing the boundaries of technology in order to boost the stock of their products by seeking a cooperation with start-up tech companies with the opening of its very first Innovation Lab in Paris, France.

Located at Le Square in Paris, the Innovation Lab aims to ‘attract collaboration with innovative start-ups from all across Europe.’

The automaker isn’t aiming for anything specific but instead is open to all forms of innovation that can positively affect its business in all aspects.

Start-up tech companies will be given the opportunity to partner with Nissan and will also provide a venue where ideas can be pitched around, prototypes can be developed and tested, and where innovation can be coached to realize its fullest potential.

Nissan plans to hire a completely new set of employees for the Innovation Lab to show the automaker’s dedication to its promise of delivering ‘Innovation and Excitement for Everyone.’

"At Nissan, we continuously champion creativity and innovation as core elements of our business. The launch of our Innovation Lab extends this commitment to the thriving start-up scene of Paris and vibrant entrepreneurial community across Europe. With this new innovation hub, we will have a dedicated space and a unique platform to continue to attract and unearth innovative ideas from across and beyond the business," said Nissan Europe chairman Paul Willcox.

Nissan plans to open more Innovation Labs across Europe in the future.