If you happen to own a Nissan vehicle affected by potentially faulty Takata airbags, better have them replaced soon. Nissan Philippines Inc. (NPI) is continuing its efforts to implement the global service campaign for selected Nissan vehicles with potential defective airbags. Through this campaign, Nissan customers with vehicles affected by the issue can have their airbags replaced at a dealership with no additional costs.

The on-going service campaign was first launched in 2015 and until today, NPI continues to address any affected vehicle in Philippines. For those wondering if their vehicles are included in the list of having potentially faulty airbags, NPI has released a list of models and production year below.

Affected models and production year include the Nissan Grand Livina from 2008-2014, Nissan Navara from 2007-2015, Nissan Frontier from 2003-2007, Nissan Teana from 2006-2007, Nissan X-Trail from 2003-2014, and the Nissan Patrol Super Safari from 2003- 2017.

If you're still not certain about the your vehicle being included, you may also visit NPI's website at www.nissan.ph, select the 'Owners' tab, click on 'Service Campaign', and input their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis number to determine if the vehicle in question is affected by the issue.

Affected customers are advised to call the 24/7 Nissan Customer Assistance Center (NCAC) hotline at (02) 403-6593 or 0927-600-9557 (Globe). Customers may also visit an authorized Nissan dealership nearest them for the service.