Your monthly payment is extended as well; just stay at home for now

With all of Luzon under the Enhanced Community Quarantine, most private businesses have decided to close up shop. Furthermore, everyone has been mandated to stay at home/indoors. The only reason why people should be out of their houses is to buy food, necessities, and medicine. As such, automobile dealerships and service centers across the island are also closed. 

In light of the situation, Nissan Philippines is giving vehicle owners a helping hand and peace of mind by extending the warranty coverage and scheduled preventive maintenance service (PMS) for an additional 30-days.

EDIT: Given the extension of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Nissan PH has given another extension for customers' scheduled Periodic Maintenance Service. PMS schedules have been extended up to May 31, 2020.

Nissan PH is extending your warranty coverage by 1 month image

Nissan PH gives 30-day extension for warranty coverage, PMS image

If you happen to have a PMS originally scheduled for your Nissan vehicle during the quarantine period, you can have it rescheduled once the quarantine is lifted. For vehicle owners who have warranty periods that will lapse within the quarantine period, they will be given a 30-day extension as well. Do note, however, that Nissan’s 30-day extension for warranty coverage is subject to warranty validation.

As you will effectively miss a monthly PMS due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine, vehicle owners are advised to have their vehicles scheduled for PMS immediately once the quarantine is lifted.

If you have any questions regarding PMS, warranty or other services for your Nissan vehicle, you may contact the Nissan Customer Assistance Center Hotline at (02 8403 6593).

Nissan PH is extending your warranty coverage by 1 month image

Along with the PMS and warranty extension, Nissan Finance, in partnership with Eastwest Bank, has also given customers a 30-day extension of payment deadlines. All customers paying their vehicles through finance whose monthly due date fall within the ECQ period are eligible for the 30-day extension.

EDIT: Nissan Finance has likewise extended the payment of monthly amortizations for customers whose due dates fall within the dates of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. Loan Maturity dates will also be extended accordingly.

As such, owners can just stay indoors and limit outside exposure.