Teasers for the new Terra show that it has a lot of promise

Nissan may have been late to the 7-seater midsize SUV party. But ever since they launched the Terra, their fighter came out swinging and brought it to the competition. It’s already had its share of a few facelifts, and it’s time for a new model. Nissan’s making sure to keep everyone excited about that.

On the Facebook page of Nissan Philippines, they posted a series of videos of the incoming Terra model last night. In about 24 hours, they’ve already gotten thousands of views, and with good reason. The 15-second teasers showed snaps of the new stuff the Terra has to offer, and it’s looking pretty good so far.

The video showing the exterior starts by showing off the new Terra’s headlight. We’re assuming that this will be the top-of-the-line variant since it’s no longer a single LED bulb in the housing. Instead, Nissan opted for split-square housings for the LED units, all while maintaining the LED DRLs on the inner edge running to the top of the headlights. The same square motif continues at the back, with the brake lights having six independent LEDs in the rear unit. What’s neat is how the rear park lights are now two continuous red led strips on the top and bottom of the tail lamps that run right into the trunk garnish lights.

Other details that were given focus included a fender garnish, similar to that of the Terra’s big brother, the Patrol. New wheels were also shown in the video; they have a 6-spoke switchblade design, and they look to be diamond-finished and two-tone (black accents). What looks to be a massive, horizontally-slatted grill with the Nissan badge right in the center was also shown. The current Terra’s grill looks pretty small for its overall size, so a bigger piece for the new model is bound to look better. Is it still finished in chrome? Yes, it looks like it. It’s a guessing game for now if they’ll come out with blacked-out pieces too, similar to the outgoing Terra Black Edition 4x4 VL. The shape of the headlights, and what look to be chrome foglight housing accent pieces were also shown in the video

The second video dealt with the interior, and there’s a lot of new stuff to look forward to. The steering wheel has definitely been redesigned, and it moves from plain Jane to a more solid, sporty-yet-classy look. The climate control unit also looks different, as does the gauge cluster that now has blue backlights instead of the usual white. Oh, and the biggest thing we noticed was that Nissan has also done away with the handbrake lever. Yes, the new Terra now has a toggle for the electronic parking brake.

Updates have likewise been given to the infotainment system. Gone are the old buttons and in comes an all-new touch screen head unit. Remember the drop-down monitor on the headliner? It’s still there, albeit now encased in a glossy black frame, and with what we hope is (finally) a high-resolution screen panel. What’s more is that the video showed a speaker cover with an all too familiar badge: BOSE. This is quickly looking to be the TOTL model, indeed, but hey, different brands have taken the same route with their in-car entertainment system and speakers, so why can’t Nissan, right?

Word on the grapevine’s that the new Nissan Terra’s Asian launch will be in Thailand on August 19, just three days away from publishing. Other countries in Southeast Asia are expected to follow suit, including the Philippines. Give or take a few months, we’re bound to see the new Terra in our local dealerships. That’s assuming that the current global situation will improve, of course. Every SUV enthusiast deserves some good news, and the Nissan Terra fan base deserves no less, either.