Safe Trip campaign will teach you how to travel responsibly and safely

The tourism industry has been one of the sectors greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent community quarantine measures implemented by the Philippine government. Unlike most industries in the countries, some local tourist destinations have only re-opened in the past few weeks with the relaxation of travel restrictions.

To help restart local tourism and promote safe, responsible local travel, Nissan Philippines has partnered with the Department of Tourism (DOT) to launch the new Safe Trips campaign. 

Under the campaign, Nissan and DOT will develop educational and promotional content for social media and publicity on how to safely and responsibly travel to local tourist destinations. These include tips for land travel in the new normal, social distancing guides, health protocols for visiting specific destinations, and updates on the latest spots that have reopened for visitors.

Nissan Philippines wants to help restart local tourism with DOT image

“The DOT is committed to reviving the country’s tourism industry from the harsh impacts of the pandemic. We thank Nissan Philippines for being a partner in tourism recovery by promoting health and safety protocols for road trips. It is a timely effort as we have reopened Baguio City and Ilocos Norte to Luzon residents, both of which can be accessed by land travel,” said Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat.

In the Philippines, the tourism industry contributes to 13% of the economy. Given that there are still strict travel regulations from other countries, the DOT says domestic leisure travel will be the main driver in the recovery of the tourism industry in the country. With health and safety being the top priority of travelers, road trips via private vehicles will be the best way to get around under the new normal.

“Nissan’s vision is to enrich people’s lives by making their journeys safe, smart, and fun. We want to promote safe and responsible travels with our innovative and dependable vehicles so that our customers can enjoy adventures with family and friends. Tourism has become a passion for Nissan in the Philippines over the years, which is why we are truly excited to partner with the Department of Tourism to promote the tourism sector towards its recovery,” said Atsushi Najima, president and managing director of Nissan Philippines.