Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc (NMPI) is informing the public, especially all X-TRAIL and Murano owners that their vehicles are not included in the recent recall statement made by Nissan Motor Limited, Japan.

Leman Lee, President and CEO of NMPI said "No X-Trail or Murano coming from NMPI are affected by the recall."

Nissan Headquarters made the global recall for Nissan Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) equipped with the Intelligent Key and produced in the Kyushu plant.

In a press statement Nissan Headquarters in Tokyo launched the recall of over 50,000 SUVs because of an ignition key defect, according to an Associated Press wire release.

The affected X-TRAIL model is only available in Japan with right hand drive specification. While the Murano recall does not include the Philippine version, which is based on the European specification. A number of Muranos from the US (including Guam), Canada, Puerto Rico, Taiwan and Singapore are affected by this recall.

Mr. Lee adds "Luckily none of our vehicles at NMPI are affected."