Nissan is giving a gentle reminder to parents traveling with children with their latest feature. Dubbed the Rear Door Alert (RDA), the system is designed to notify parents to check the back seats before they alight from the vehicle. With that, Nissan aims to curb cases of occupants being left in the back seats, especially during hot summer days.

The first Nissan to get this feature was the current Pathfinder but they aim to introduce it to more models starting this year. Besides the Pathfinder, specific US-spec Nissan models will be getting this feature. The company says that they will be installing it in eight models, which includes the Rogue, also known as the X-Trail here, and the all-new Altima.


Nissan Rear Door Alert reminds parents not to leave kids in cars

RDA monitors when the door is opened and closed before and after the vehicle is in motion. While there are other rear seat reminders in the market today, the automaker says that they are the first in making an aural reminder to the front occupants by honking the vehicle's horn in a certain pattern. Aside from that, the car's multi-information display will also show a visual reminder which says 'Check rear seat for all articles'.

Nissan Rear Door Alert reminds parents not to leave kids in cars

This device was the brainchild of two mothers who are also engineers, Marlene Mendoza and Elsa Foley. The two Nissan engineers pitched their idea to their higher-ups, who then green-lit the project for production. By model year 2022, Nissan plans to have RDA standard on all four-door trucks, sedans and SUV nameplates.