There are a lot of things floating around patent and trademark offices worldwide, and some of them spark a fair bit of curiosity. One of them comes from Nissan, and they registered the name 'T-Spec' in the Philippines. Aside from being filed here, Nissan also applied for a trademark in Singapore.

Nissan registers T-Spec name in PH, but what does it mean? image

But what exactly does T-Spec mean? It certainly sounds more like a variant than an entirely new car. It also seems like it's something for the Southeast Asian market too, given where it's registered. Currently, its status is “To produce a notice of allowance (national)”, suggesting that it will be used locally. It was filed fairly recently here too, dated earlier this month, March 5, 2020.

Nissan registers T-Spec in PH, but what does it mean? image

Quick research shows that the name T-Spec isn't an entirely new name or variant for Nissan. As a matter of fact, the company had first used it in the UK market. The “T” in T-Spec simply signifies Technology Spec. That means cars that had that nomenclature had, well, more technology and assistance systems than standard. T-Spec models were also the range-toppers for Nissan models in Europe back in the early to mid-'00s.

Some of the cars that used the T-Spec badge included the Pathfinder, X-Trail, and Primera, Nissan's mid-sized sedan for Europe at the time. Those models included navigation, Bluetooth, voice commands, a traffic management channel, a reverse camera, and an advanced audio system. Of course, those features can be seen in a fair number of cars these days, which makes us curious about how the future T-Spec variants will be like.

Nissan registers T-Spec in PH, but what does it mean? image

Looking at the current Nissan lineup in the Philippines, the Terra and Navara seem to be the likeliest candidates to get this treatment. Should Nissan Philippines bring in the all-new Almera and Sylphy in too, the T-Spec could also serve as their respective top of the line models.