Nissan has reached a significant production milestone in its 84 years of existence. This year, the Japanese automaker has rolled out their 150 millionth vehicle with a substantial growth in sales within the decade. Nissan doesn't exactly know which car is their 150 millionth due to the number of factories around the world. However, it is more than likely that they have produced well beyond that production milestone at the time of writing.

It took Nissan 57 years their first 50 million cars, spanning from their year of establishment in 1933 to 1990. From 1990 to 2006, another 50 million vehicles rolled out of Nissan assembly plants around the world. In just 11 years from reaching 100 million cars produced, the Yokohama-based automaker is now at 150 million cars. A large percentage of the Nissan cars are still built in Japan, followed by the USA,  China, Mexico, UK, ASEAN and Spain.

In the span of 84 years, Nissan has made several milestones in both technologies and sales volume. Exactly 70 years ago, the automaker made their first electric car in the form of the Tama EV. The Nissan Sunny then became the brand's best-selling car during the 60's. During the same decade, Prince Motors was absorbed by Nissan and continued the production of one of the longest-running nameplates in Japan, the Skyline. By 1980, Nissan set up base in the USA, making them one of the first Japanese automakers to put up a head office in that country. Four years later, they began factory operations in England. Then, in 1989, Nissan introduced the Infiniti luxury brand.

Under the Renault-Nissan Alliance during the late 90's, Nissan sales shot up dramatically with Carlos Ghosn at the helm. Under his leadership, he brought in significant profits for the marque and for Renault as well. Now, the Alliance, which now includes Mitsubishi, has surpassed Toyota and Volkswagen in global vehicle production. During the first half of 2017, the Alliance has produced 5,268,079 units  worldwide with Nissan accounting for  2,894,488 vehicles.