What do the Skyline Sport, Silvia, and Datsun 14 Roadster have in common? They are only a few of the cars that will headline the Heritage Zone in Nissan's Yokohama headquarters. The Zone serves as an exhibition that shows the company’s rich history all the way to its future.

Late last month, the new and permanent public exhibition space will display select models from Nissan’s extensive collection of classic cars.

Building on the gallery’s popularity, the Heritage Zone is a rather informal space where visitors can get closer to, and discover Nissan’s heritage through a rich variety of different content.

The exhibition is considered to be a 'quickie' experience from its Heritage Collection in Zama, Kanagawa prefecture.

There are five main areas in the exhibition space, namely:

Blast from the past: Nissan Heritage Zone image

Vehicle Display

Of hundreds of cars in the entire Heritage Collection, this will feature the most iconic models of Nissan. The first three cars on display, as mentioned, will be a 1935 Datsun 14 Roadster, the 1960 Prince Skyline Sport, and the 1966 Nissan Silvia.

Blast from the past: Nissan Heritage Zone image

Special Exhibition Corner

This section will feature the story of Nissan from its founding in the 1930s to the present time. The Corner will feature stories on specific themes and perspectives throughout Nissan’s history.

Blast from the past: Nissan Heritage Zone image

Heritage Videos

Nothing is better than being able to watch a video of history unfolding, and the 220-inch LED screen in this section will play rare footage from Nissan’s archives. An immersive experience will allow visitors to experience Nissan’s story through the eyes of those who were actually there.

Blast from the past: Nissan Heritage Zone image


For those who value flipping through books and magazines, this section is for them. The mini library will feature a selection of automotive reading materials which visitors can browse through freely, at their own pace and leisure.

Blast from the past: Nissan Heritage Zone image

Model Car Wall

Enthusiasts come in all shapes, sizes, and ages; nothing transcends all of that than actual miniature models. Featuring more than 100 models, it gives visitors the chance to marvel at Nissan’s vehicles through the generations in miniature form.

Indeed, there is no better way to look at a manufacturer’s rich history than through a proper museum. But there’s also no better way to highlight a museum than to show off the absolute cream of the crop of the company’s creations. This begs the question: can we have something like this here in our own country, too?