Nissan has come up with a solution for their vehicles to help protect people during different driving situations with their Nissan Safety Shield and was first featured on the Nissan Note that recently held its word debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The package that's fitted specifically on the Note is comprised of a single tailgate mounted camera that aids the driver in avoiding an accident. The camera even has its own wash and blow dry system to ensure a clear view in every driving condition.

The technologies included in the Nissan Safety Shield pack on the Nissan Note are the following:

Blind Spot Warning: Nissan's version of this system uses the rear wide view 'Around View Monitor (AVM)' camera to detect vehicles coming from behind that eventually ends up in the blind spot areas of the car. The external side view mirrors of the Note gives off a discreet warning light if a vehicle is detected in either blind spot of the car while a flashing light together with an audible warning sign is given when the driver tries to change lanes.

AVM Camera

Lane Departure Warning: This feature still utilizes of the 180 degree rear-mounted camera(unlike some cars that relies on windscreen mounted cameras) and gives off a warning to the driver if the car is starting to goes out of its lane. Nissan claims that this system detects even faint road markings and adjusts automatically when on rural roads.

Safety Shield

Moving Object Detection: This particular functions as a look out at what objects or people are approaching the vehicle when backing up. It gives off an audible and visual warning if something or someone is approaching or is actually behind the car while the car is reversing. Again, optimal coverage is brought about by the 180 degree wide angle camera that's mounted on the tailgate.

"New Note presented a fascinating engineering challenge, in that we wanted to incorporate a huge amount of advanced technology but keep the costs reasonable. In developing the three Safety Shield pack elements to run from one camera we were able to keep manufacturing costs under tight control and make this technology package accessible to the B-segment for the first time." explained Etienne Henry, Vice-President for Nissan Strategy & Product Planning in Europe