Earlier this month, Toyota and Mazda announced that they were temporarily stopping production at several Japanese plants and facilities due to the decreasing global demand for vehicles. The two automakers added that the measure would help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the area as well. Now, it seems Nissan has also followed in their footsteps.

Nissan adjusts production schedule in Japan from low demand image

The Japanese automaker has announced that they will be adjusting production at three of its manufacturing facilities in Japan. According to Nissan, this is also due to decreased demand in the automobile market. However, the company adds that the measure would help in containing the spread of the disease in the country and prioritize the healthcare of workers, suppliers, and their families.

Nissan’s Oppama plant will be the first to stagger production and workdays starting on April 3. Work at Oppama will be fully suspended on April 13, 24, and May 1. For reference, the Oppama plant currently produces the Juke and the Leaf. Meanwhile, the Nissan Tochigi plant will be suspended from April 6 to April 22 and from May 1 to 3.

Nissan adjusts production schedule in Japan from low demand image

Those familiar with the GT-R and 370Z should know that these two models are built at the Tochigi plant alongside other sportier models. Lastly, Nissan Motor Kyushu will suspend night-shift production from April 2 to 30. Vehicle production will be suspended at the Kyushu plant on May 1.

Nissan did not disclose when production at these plants would resume to normal. However, operations at the Oppama, Tochigi, and Kyushu will likely resume regularly once the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.