The Nissan Terra has indeed been making waves in the automotive scene.

Since breaking out into the regional market in May of this year, the Nissan Terra has been instrumental in driving the sales of Nissan. That can be easily seen in the Philippines when the company, led by Ramesh Narasimhan, garnered 104% growth year on year in August, seemingly defying the declining industry trend following the implementation of a new excise tax law this year. 

There has, however, been one nagging question on our minds: can the Terra only really wade through 450mm of water? 

We can guarantee that the Nissan Terra can go through 450mm of water.” These were the exact words of Nissan Terra Chief Vehicle Engineer Hinori Awano during the launch of the Terra earlier this year.

Now Nissan's Hinori Awano is saying different, thanks to our questioning. During a presentation at the Nissan Technical Center in Japan, Nissan showed us that the Terra can wade through 500, and 600 millimeters of water. 

That number is significantly deeper than the 450mm guaranteed water depth they said during the launch, but it does come with a few asterisks. To be able to drive through a 600mm aboard the Terra requires a professional or experienced driver who can manage following “bow wave”, and drive at a maximum of 10 to 12 kilometers per hour.

Nissan increases maximum flood wading depth of Terra

Nissan also showed the Terra driving through water that's 700mm deep at their test facility. However, at that depth, water was already starting to get into the cabin via the seals on the doors. Nissan says that the wiring harness of the Terra is water resistant, so even with the water in the cabin as you're going through 700mm of water, the Terra worked fine. 

Despite the fact that the vehicle still works, the clean up of the carpets is going to be tricky, if not messy.

We don't think someone carries a measuring stick one-meter long measuring stick with them all of the time right?