Two Skyline Concepts on display at 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan has something special in store for the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon. No, it’s not another vehicle fitted with tank treads. Instead, it's two special edition concept versions of the new Skyline. Yes, the same Skyline we got to drive in Tokyo equipped with Pro Pilot 2.0 self-driving system.

The first of these Skyline Concepts is the 400R Sprint Concept. It is based on the top-of-the-line 400R variant, and features a more aggressive look. Specifically, the new kit looks similar to that of GT-R Nismo with a revised front bumper, aggressive splitter, side skirts, rear bumper, and big rear wing. Does the carbon fiber hood look familiar? Well, that’s because it is designed similar to that of the GT-R. Completing the makeover are large 20-inch wheels.

To give it a sportier look, there’s a new white, silver and green color scheme. While it does look a lot meaner than the regular Skyline 400R, there is no word whether the engine has been changed. It is possible Nissan managed to fit the GT-R twin-turbo V6 under the hood in order to match the new look.

Nissan Skyline 400R Sprint Concept looks like a 4-door GT-R image

If going fast isn’t your thing, Nissan does have the Skyline Deluxe Advanced Concept on display at Makuhari Messe as well. In contrast to the 400R Sprint concept, this model is focused more on luxury. As such, it features a two-tone paint job with matte brown bottom half and matte silver on the top. New wheels, also give it a classier look.

Although, there’s no photo, Nissan says the interior has also been given a luxury makeover. Specifically, there’s a high-quality two-tone leather seat to match the exterior colors. Other luxury trim and features can also be found as well.

Other vehicles Nissan will have on display include the GT-R and Fairlady Z 50th Anniversary Edition models, a special NV350, and Nismo models. If those aren’t too your fancy, walk around and you’ll probably see modified examples of older Nissan models.