We've seen the signs before: Do not text and drive. Distracted driving has become a serious threat to road safety which has caused a lot of accidents, both minor and major. Nissan aims to put a stop to this with their latest Signal Shield concept.

"Mobile phone use at the wheel is a growing concern across the automotive industry, and indeed society. The Nissan Signal Shield concept presents one possible solution for giving drivers the choice to remove all smartphone distractions while driving. This is about delivering more control at the wheel, not less,” said Alex Smith, managing director, Nissan Motor Great Britain. 

The Signal Shield concept is rooted in the Faraday Cage, a Victorian invention back in the 1830s. It is designed to block electromagnetic signals which, in a smart device's case, incoming and outgoing cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. In Nissan's interpretation of a Faraday Cage, it is a storage bin that also doubles as an arm rest.

Nissan tackles distracted driving with Signal Shield

It works by placing the smartphone in the console box and closing the cover. It is active when the lid of the storage compartment is closed while opening the lid allows the mobile device to regain reception. According to the automaker, the Signal Shield concept creates a “silent zone” for the drivers and a “digital detox” for all the car's occupants. If drivers want to listen to music stored in their smartphone, they can still connect to the car's entertainment system via the USB or auxiliary ports.

Currently being tested in a Nissan Juke, the automaker has yet to announce if they will be putting the Signal Shield concept into production.