Nissan, Japan's second-largest automotive company, opened their Future Lab in October of 2015. One of the goals of Future Lab, also known as Living Lab, was the improvement of online transport services.

This year, Nissan has partnered with Scoot, a San Francisco-based online transportation network company, to create ten Nissan New Mobility Concept Vehicles (NNMC).

Inspired by technology advancement and new uses for electric vehicles such as ride-shared transportation options, “Living Lab” was established in 2014 as extension of Nissan's global advanced planning group. Series of experiments will be conducted in order to bring mobility scenarios to life.

“The Future Lab team is exploring 'Living Lab' projects designed to help us better understand the real-world benefits of V2G technology for individual electric vehicle consumers and how it fits into their mobility lifestyle in the future," said Rachel Nguyen, Nissan's Future Lab Executive Director.

Nissan adds that this project will uncover new opportunities to advance vehicle technologies.

“Working within the living lab framework allows Nissan to experiment out in the combining our hardware with outside software, services and systems into collaborative beta tests, Nissan has the oppurtunity to develop new products and service offerings that fit in the new mobility economy,” said Nguyen.

Further information about Nissan's “Living Lab” will be revealed by Rachel Nguyen at"Car of Tomorrow: Hardware Makers Building Partnerships to Succeed in a High-Tech World"