Nissan will be revealing 4 new cars at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show; 3 of them concept cars, 1 of them a production model of the next generation van, the NV350.

First on the list is the PIVO 3, a concept car that Nissan touts as the "smart urban commuter EV of the near future". The PIVO 3 comes in a 3 seater configuration, with a central driving position, and measures in at just under 3 meters long for high maneuverability in city streets. Also the PIVO 3 has been envisioned as having Automated Valet Parking, a system that allows the PIVO 3 to "hunt" for a parking spot and park itself without any driver assistance, as well as return to the driver when called by a mobile phone.

Next is the ESFLOW, an electric vehicle sports car concept that uses the same technology that was pioneered in the LEAF. The ESFLOW is a rear wheel drive coupe, with twin midship mounted electric motors that each drive a wheel. The car is powered by lithium ion batteries that have been positioned for ideal weight distribution. The ESFLOW will attain 100 km/h in under 5 seconds and has a range of 240 kilometers.

The third concept is the TOWNPOD, a fashionable and functional vehicle that adapts to its user's needs. The TOWNPOD has been designed with versatility in mind, allowing for ease of entry and exit, cargo space, coupe styling as well as having elements of a roomy van. Like the first 2 concepts, the TOWNPOD is an EV.

The fourth vehicle is a production (or near production) model: the NV350 Caravan. The next generation light commercial van is expected to be the replacement for the long standing Nissan Urvan. The new van has new styling, improved fuel economy, keyless push button inginion, a dash mounted shift lever and a foot-operated parking brake. The cargo area is 3 meters long.

All vehicles will be on display at Nissan's booth at the Tokyo Big Sight when the motor show opens.