Save the date: Nissan to reveal 2022 Z on August 17

We're just days away before Nissan reveals the all-new Z. Last month, the automaker confirmed that the next-generation Fairlady will be launched on August 17 in the US (August 18 elsewhere). At the time, we did not know whether the company will simply unveil it or hold a livestream for the world to see and join in.

Luckily for fans, the company has chosen the latter, and they have even prepared a YouTube link for its upcoming debut. First revealed late last year as the Z Proto concept, the next-generation coupe is rumored to be called the 400Z and will reportedly benefit from a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6. If the name is anything to go by, then we might see the all-new Z produce 400 PS.

Save the date: All-new Nissan Z to be revealed Aug 17 image

As far as the exterior design is concerned, the next-generation Z will closely resemble the concept's original looks. Based on leaked images, the 400Z largely stuck to the Z Proto's design. There are, however, some subtle changes here and there. Depending on the variant, the all-new Z could get a different front grille, an aero kit, a wide array of alloy wheel designs, and even a ducktail spoiler.

Save the date: All-new Nissan Z to be revealed Aug 17 image

The interior will also be reportedly similar to that of the Z Proto's. With it, expect to see a digital instrument panel, large touchscreen infotainment, leather-wrapped bucket seats, and the signature triple gauges on top of the dashboard. Fans of the Nissan Z will be happy to know that a stick-shift variant is available together with an automatic.

With only just a few days, we certainly can't wait for Nissan to take the covers off the new Z. We're tired of leaks and teasers, and we want to finally see the real thing.