Nissan Motor Company is planning to resuscitate an old label, as they plan to bring back the Datsun brand to attract new customers in emerging markets.

According to the article on the Wall Street Journal, Datsun will be revived for India, Indonesia and Russia in 2014, all of which are designated as high growth, emerging markets. According to the same article, Nissan, under the leadership of Carlos Ghosn, plans to invest $400 million to double its production capacity in Southeast Asia region to highlight the importance of the region.

Datsun was phased out back in 1986, having been founded 55 years before in 1931. As a brand, Datsun was responsible for some of the world's most recognizable cars such as the Fairlady Z coupes and roadsters;a lineage that continues on today as the 350Z and 370Z.

The announcement comes with a new, much more modern logo, and will become Nissan's low-cost brand in the said emerging markets.