Nissan created major buzz when it launched the BladeGlider and the IDx concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, and everyone gushed when Infiniti unleashed the Q50 Eau Rouge prototype in England.

Simply a year removed from teasing us with these promising models, Nissan and Infiniti is backing off - at least for now - from any further development of these and have chosen to put their attention to commercially viable models in hopes of gaining a bigger global market share.

Not surprisingly, the decreased interest in these models come right at the heels of the departure of key executives who were pushing the growth of these concepts.

Nissan is also hard at work to improve its market share and profit margins to fulfill its 'Power 88' business plan targets. Under the plan, they aim to achieve an 8% global market share and 8% operating margins by the end of the 2016 fiscal year which is March 31, 2017.

The Nissan IDx

Nissan's former head of Global Product Planning Andy Palmer was already preparing their U.S. dealerships for the BladeGlider and the IDx before leaving in 2014 to run Aston Martin.

Infiniti's former president Johan de Nysschen went so far as to announce which engine the Q50 Eau Rouge was going to use last year including production volume and price and then suddenly upped to become the head of Cadillac.

Nissan and Infiniti did not specify which exact models will be aggressively marketed to the public but the Detroit debut of the Q60 Concept, a twin-turbo entry-level coupe, shows which way Infiniti's leaning.

Source: Automotive News