How many weeks has it been since we got locked down? Most of us have lost count, we know. Do you now find yourself out of better things to do? Nissan has something for you, and it is good fun for car people of all ages.

This effort is called #drawdrawdraw, and it’s a way for you to create your own artwork and designs. To add to the fun, Nissan’s global design team put up a collection of downloadable images featuring classic cars, current models, futuristic concepts, and some less known cult classics in this link for anyone to download and color. Aside from giving those who may have been locked down or quarantined something productive to pass time with, Nissan wants this to be an avenue to connect a worldwide community of artists.

Bored? Here, go paint one of Nissan’s iconic cars image

“To draw, draw, draw, in our world, is one of the best ways to close the gap between wonderful creative impulses in your head and making it a reality – especially as we face this global pandemic together. Our team of designers, worldwide, are using this time to breathe, to draw, to dream creatively. I know that some of their best work will come from the challenges that we're facing now. So we thought, ‘Why not give everyone a chance to express themselves creatively and share it with those who will appreciate it?,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan's senior vice president for global design.

Bored? Here, go paint one of Nissan’s iconic cars image

Many of Nissan’s designers the world over have come forward with their works to share with the public in these trying times. The COVID-19 pandemic has ground countries to a halt and with so many relegated to staying home and indoors, this is a welcome respite for everyone, and a good stress reliever at that.

Think your work is good enough? Is being a car designer for Nissan one of your dreams? Nissan is asking individuals to upload and tag their own and original drawings - from sidewalk art to napkin sketches to the downloaded coloring book pictures - into social media with the hashtag #drawdrawdraw. “We’re looking forward to celebrating passion and creativity,” said Albaisa. “Don’t be surprised if you see a Nissan designer comment on your drawings and artwork.” Sounds motivating enough, yeah?

Bored? Here, go paint one of Nissan’s iconic cars image

While this is a means to promote social distancing, staying indoors, and just plain creativity, it is only one of Nissan’s efforts in helping fight against the pandemic. Numerous of Nissan’s production lines have been repurposed to help make personal protective equipment since auto production has been stopped following the crisis.

In Japan, the Nissan Technical Center, the Nissan Research Center, and the company’s Yokohama Plant are all looking at producing 2,500 face shields per month. Plants in other regions have also taken to making the same from the United States and the United Kingdom.

To add, Nissan Spain is scheduled to begin production of medical respirators this week, while Nissan Japan is looking at further ways to help and support companies in making ventilators and artificial heart-lung machines by helping production and maybe even supplying needed parts.

See, everyone’s help really is needed to flatten the COVID curve worldwide. Nissan’s already taking an extra step by giving us ways to keep ourselves productive at home, and by helping out the front lines as well. We, the homebodies, should do our part and start drawing.