Nissan electric LCVs are coming

Nissan has been building some of the most popular and best-selling hybrids and electric vehicles on the market for quite some time. And in a few years, we expect to see the brand’s EV and hybrid product lineup to expand even more. However, it seems none of that green, eco-friendly tech has made it to the brand’s popular light commercial vehicles (LCVs) just yet.

If you noticed, there are no e-Power or electric variants of the Navara, Terra, NV350, and Patrol. But if you are waiting for an electric pickup or SUV from Nissan there is some good news.

The Japanese automaker is currently developing a way to bring electrification to their global LCV lineup.

Nissan working to electrify LCVs like Terra, Navara, Patrol, NV350 image

Speaking with Nissan’s global light commercial vehicle boss, Francois Bailly, at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, he told us that electrification of their LCV lineup will happen and that it is already under development. However, he did not give us a timeline as to when we might see it, and which models will get electrified.

According to Bailly, the reason why Nissan’s LCV line-up has yet to be electrified is that electric LCVs aren’t fully proven to be as capable as the standard internal combustion versions yet. LCVs are often subjected to harder use (i.e. deliveries) and harsher conditions (i.e. off-roading, water crossings) by their owners, and he says that Nissan does not want to compromise on customer experience.

Nissan working to electrify LCVs like Terra, Navara, Patrol, NV350 image

In foreign markets, Nissan already has electric LCVs. In Europe and select markets, Nissan has the e-NV200 for commercial clients. Bailly adds that the brand also has an electric-pickup in China called the Dongfeng Rich 6 EV. But those models are for specific markets that already have widespread infrastructure, have better roads, and don't see a fair share of flooding like developing markets such as South America or South East Asia.  

So if you’re waiting for a full electric or e-Power hybrid versions of the Terra, Navara, Patrol, or even the NV350, you might have to wait for a while. Well, at least we know the diesel version won’t be going away anytime soon.