Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) rocks through the summer heat with the new Nissan X-TRAIL Tokyo Edition for the 2.0L 2WD variant. Your perfect companion for the summer odyssey that awaits, the Nissan X-TRAIL Tokyo Edition looks and feels the part of a true outdoorsman whilst being perfectly at home in the city.

Called the TOKYO EDITION because it mimics its specifications from the highly successful Japan Domestic Model X-TRAIL, this compact SUV guarantees fun, power and economy in a unique package.

What's Inside?

To equal the new look, the interior has been completely revamped to fulfill the perceived quality image that caters to every segment users' needs. The revision sees a slightly darker interior creating a stronger more purposeful atmosphere. Textures were made more vibrant and contoured. Fabrics and leather were chosen to reflect its real sporty character. The front cabin carries a redesigned instrument panel and center meter and notable changes include additional air vent, front cup holders with cooling function and upper glove box. Seat cloth has been changed to water repellent dimple cloth upholstery. The seat material is black, harmonizing with the darker accents of the interior.

The Perfect Companion

The X-TRAIL Tokyo Edition makes the long journey more pleasant by providing that extra lap of comfort and convenience. Additional air vent in the front cabin keeps the driver cool headed during any driving condition. To ensure safety and well-being of the occupants active headrest preventing whiplash injury now comes as a standard feature. Well-known for the handy storage boxes to keep you organized, the X-TRAIL Tokyo Edition innovates a little more by providing storage boxes ergonomically arranged to keep you focused on the road. Everything from your loose bills to toll tickets to that sandwich for the road has a strategic storage place well within reach. Another ingenious little feature is the front cup holders with cooling function, perfect way to beat the scorching summer heat. For the occupants at the back rear cup holders come in handy leaving you with no worries of drinks spilling over. Rear center headrest has also been added to improve safety. Extra touches of convenience to let you savor the scenery and the drive ahead.

An Urbanite but Outdoorsman

Creature comforts make the drive pleasurable but underneath the X-TRAIL Tokyo Edition is an outdoorsman retaining the washable luggage board and easy to clean luggage area. Taking a step further, it now comes with an anchor net and luggage hook to keep the items in the luggage area organized and in place. It serves also as a divider to keep wet or dirty items separate from the rest of your gear. The road trip you're itching to take becomes even more inviting now that you have less to worry about. A 2.0 liter QR engine with a CVTC (Continuously Variable Valve Timing Control System) provides maximum power and top fuel economy. Even on a 4x2 system maximum tractions is gained by an excellent center of balance and best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

"The X-TRAIL remains a strong contender in the very competitive SUV market. NMPI continues to improve and better the X-TRAIL to reward customers with the sheer comfort and convenience of driving a truly great SUV. With the Nissan X-TRAIL Tokyo Edition, you will surely enjoy the ride," says Dennis Chang AVP of Marketing, Sales and After Sales Division of NMPI.