It's official: people are excited over the Nissan Z Prototype. With its retro-inspired design that borrows inspiration from the original 240Z and 300ZX, the overall look of Nissan's next-generation Z car blends both the old and the new seamlessly.

Despite not being an official production car yet, some artists and have already decided to tweak its design to make it look even sportier. Take for example this rendering made by Fil-Am designer Jon Sibal. Called the 400Z NISMO concept, Sibal decided to up the ante on the Z Proto by giving it the NISMO treatment.

The internet is going nuts over the Nissan Proto Z image

The Z Proto gains smooth widebody fenders, a front-lip spoiler, a massive GT wing at the back, and aerodynamic canards on the front bumper. As an added touch, Sibal dropped the Z Proto's ride height, gave it Rays Engineering TE37 wheels, and mixed several red and black accents throughout the body.

Sibal said that the challenge of this render was to retain the original look of the front end while giving the 400Z NISMO concept its own look. Based on what we're seeing, Sibal was able to do just, and then some.

Aside from Sibal's NISMO-inspired render, another design render is also making waves across social media.

The internet is going nuts over the Nissan Proto Z image

Borrowing inspiration from the famous Japanese manga/anime Wangan Midnight, Fatlace made a 'Devil Z'-inspired look for the Z Proto. It's painted similarly in the same blue hue as the Devil Z itself, and are fitted with Watanabe ten-spoke wheels. Perhaps the only thing this render needs are some fender-mounted side mirrors and flared wheel arches.

Nissan is not saying anything as to when the next-generation Z will arrive in showrooms. But with some saying that it might make its official debut sometime in 2021, maybe we won't have to wait long. We're keeping our fingers crossed the production model looks the same as the prototype.