Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today revealed an all-new global sedan along with three zero-emission concepts at the 2012 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, joining the selection of production models.

Nissan developed a one-class-above solution that exceeds customers' expectations - retaining the popular features of the current model while upgrading design, perceived quality, roominess and performance. In fact, Nissan has virtually re-imagined the category, delivering high quality styling outside and spacious, quiet comfort inside with the latest "smart" amenities, plus remarkable fuel efficiency.

Sentra Rear

With its new 1.8 liter engine and next-generation XTRONIC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), the all-new global sedan delivers impressive fuel efficiency. A long piston stroke and Twin Continuously variable valve timing control (C-VTC) optimize combustion, while hydrogen-free Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating on valve lifters halves friction of previous coatings and beehive valve springs reduce friction and inertial loss. The next-generation XTRONIC CVT is lighter and more compact than previous designs, yet achieves greater efficiency and a wider gear ratio range, thanks to an auxiliary transmission with sub planetary gears and smaller pulleys. This environmentally-friendly performance reflects Nissan's global PURE DRIVE commitment to reducing CO2 emissions through developing fuel efficient internal combustion engine (ICE) technologies and introducing them into the market.

Sentra Interior

For the Chinese market, the new Sentra/Sylphy be produced at the Dongfeng Nissan Huadu Plant facilities in Guangzhou, will be released in mid 2012. Following its introduction, the car will be launched in most major markets worldwide during the course of 2012 and approximately 120 countries by 2014. We can only hope that NMPI (Nissan Motor Philippines Inc.) brings in the new Sentra at the soonest possible time for their own sake. NMPI did however confirm the introduction of the Almera subcompact sedan later this year.

Along with the new Sentra, three other Nissan zero-emission concept vehicles were presented at the auto show, the PIVO3, which is Nissan's Smart urban commuter EV of the near future features Automated Valet Parking (AVP) and the ability to make a U-turn on a road only four meters wide.


The ESFLOW, a pure EV rear-wheel drive two-seater sports car concept presents an exciting new dimension in sports car handling and performance, using technology pioneered in Nissan LEAF.


The e-NV200, which is a multi-usage zero emissions small van that is designed to provide businesses or families with flexible, roomy interior space, while achieving outstanding environmental performance as a zero-emission vehicle with no tailpipe emissions, including CO2.