If you're heading out to North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) starting tomorrow, don't be surprised to see longer (than usual) lines at certain toll plazas. That's because the NLEX Corporation recently announced that they will be performing system enhancement works on some of its toll plazas.

From June 1 to 6, several toll lanes will be closed to traffic as the company works on improving the system. But to ensure that traffic is kept to a minimum, only certain toll lanes will be closed on certain days.

Starting with the first three, several northbound exits at the Ciudad de Victoria, Tambobong, and Sta. Rita toll plazas will be closed to motorists from June 1 to 2. Then on June 3 to 4, the X02 northbound exits of Pulilan and San Fernando will be unavailable to traffic. At the same time, the X02 southbound exits of Pulilan and San Simon will be temporarily closed to vehicles.

These NLEX toll plaza lanes will be closed from June 1 to 6 image

Last but not least, the S04 and X02 southbound exits of Meycauyan and Sta Rita, as well as the X07 and X04 exits of Tabang and Balagtas, are closed to all types of vehicles from June 5 to 6.

NLEX did not exactly state what they'll be enhancing on some of its toll plazas. Our best guess is that will improve the system's way of recognizing RFID tags. For months, motorists have been complaining that not all RFID scanners can recognize their RFID tags. As a temporary solution, NLEX Corporation has put RFID card scanners on the toll plazas to allow drivers to just tap 'tap' their cards in order to get through the barriers.

With nearly a week of improvements ahead of NLEX Corporation, we're hoping that they will be able to improve the RFID scanner's ability to actually recognize the tags on vehicles. That way, motorists will be able to cross the toll plazas faster and hassle-free.