NLEX Corporation installs new CCTV cameras and variable message signs

Remember when we did a news item regarding whether NLEX Corporation was installing new speed cameras and similar CCTV systems along its expressways? Fast forward to June, and we received confirmation from the toll operator.

The NLEX Corporation has just announced it now has a total of 163 CCTV cameras operating in the entire stretch of NLEX, SCTEX, and NLEX Connector. This was made possible after the toll operator installed 12 more cameras to further enhance its 24/7 traffic monitoring and management for a more seamless and safe journey for motorists.

NLEX now has 163 CCTV cameras in its expressway network image

According to the company, the aforementioned cameras are placed in strategic locations along the carriageways and toll plazas. They are designed to support traffic and security teams along the expressways in monitoring and managing real-time situations within NLEX, NLEX Connector, and SCTEX.

Round-the-clock traffic control specialists at the Traffic Control Center (TCR) are tasked with providing real-time traffic updates in key areas. The TCR houses the expressways’ central traffic management system to help manage the traffic and allow assigned personnel to deploy patrol crews and emergency response teams during incidents.

NLEX Corporation did not say if the new cameras also include new speed cameras specifically designed to catch motorists over the speed limit. But given that our previous news also has what looks like new cameras that can recognize a vehicle’s license plate, we won’t be surprised if they also installed them along the aforementioned expressways.

NLEX now has 163 CCTV cameras in its expressway network image

“As we expand our roads, we remain devoted to providing a safe and convenient travel experience to the public by boosting our systems in traffic management. These additional cameras and message boards reinforce our main goal of providing safe and hassle-free mobility in all our expressways,” said J. Luigi Bautista, NLEX Corporation president.

Aside from the new cameras, NLEX Corporation also put up new three variable message signs (VMS) at the newly-opened NLEX Connector to Espana segment. This brings the total number of VMS in the NLEX network to 31. These digital signages disseminate real-time traffic information and safety reminders to motorists.

NLEX now has 163 CCTV cameras in its expressway network image

The next time you’re traveling on any of NLEX Corporation’s expressways, don’t be surprised to see the new CCTV cameras monitoring traffic (and maybe also watching out for speeding motorists).