Undas is just a few days away, and the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC) is gearing up for expected heavier traffic in the coming weekend.

Over the course of the week, NLEX-SCTEX traffic operations personnel will closely monitor and manage the anticipated influx of motorists in Balintawak, Mindanao Avenue, Bocaue, Sta. Ines, Tarlac, and Tipo toll plazas. These toll entries and exits are expected to see the most traffic, hence the additional personnel that will be present in the coming days.

The Balintawak Toll Plaza will have 24 toll collection points open the whole week. Over at Mindanao Avenue, 10 toll booths will be open while Tarlac will have 15 booths open, and Tipo will have 6 toll plazas active. Then, come November 1 to 4, 55 toll plazas will be opened up for Manila-bound motorists. To speed up queues, toll tellers at the Tarlac Toll Plaza will be ready to issue pre-encoded transit tickets to motorists for faster transactions.

Aside from opening more toll plazas, additional patrol and incident response teams will roam NLEX and SCTEX, ready to assist motorists at a moment's notice. Patrol and emergency units will also be stationed in key areas for faster response times. With more patrols on those expressways, speed and, more importantly, lane management teams will also be on heightened alert to enforce traffic discipline for motorists.