A few weeks ago, Central Luzon was struck by a devastating magnitude 6.1 earthquake. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), along with the NLEX Corporation, was quick to respond and assessed the roads in the area.

Now, NLEX Corporation has announced that both NLEX and SCTEX are safe for passage. Their findings, along with their engineering partner, AMH Philippines, showed that there was no major structural damage found in NLEX-SCTEX bridges and slopes. They added that the bridges performed well in earthquake resistance.

It was initially reported that four bridges in SCTEX Porac (Pasig-Potrero, Babo Pangulo, Planas, and Porac), and two bridges in SCTEX Floridablanca (Caulaman and Gumain) bore pavement cracks while steel plates and expansion joints became uneven. Some median concrete toppings in the said areas were also broken. Cracks on the pavement were also spotted along SCTEX. NLEX Corporation will be conducting repairs on the affected roads.

As for the situation in Pampanga, the province hardest hit by the strong quake, the DPWH has good news. Following their inspection, they have declared that all major roads and bridges are passable. At the same time, the DPWH is conducting repairs as fast as they can for traffic flow to be smoother in the coming months.

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