Motorists can still pass through NLEX toll plazas without paying a fee as NLEX Corporation's business permit in Valenzuela City remains suspended.

During a solutions meeting between NLEX Corp. and Valenzuela City officials, the two parties agreed to keep the suspension order in place. This was done in order for NLEX Corporation to fix the glitches in their system, as well as complete the system upgrade for the full implementation of the RFID system by January 30, 2021.

“By January 30, you are to finish the upgrade of your account management system to significantly reduce all the complaints. The ball is now in your court,” said Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian.

NLEX toll holiday to remain in Valenzeula City image

Mayor Gatchalian also asked NLEX Corporation to provide answers to the city's proposal of completely removing toll barriers. Last week, Gatchalian said that if NLEX is confident that their RFID scanners are working properly, there's no need to have toll barriers in the first place. If the sensors fail to detect the RFID tags placed on cars, that's NLEX's problem, not the motorists that use the expressway.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) General Manager Jojo Garcia proposed that the barriers can be raised during rush hour in order to avoid traffic buildup. However, the barriers will be lowered during curfew hours as a 'win-win' solution.

NLEX toll holiday to remain in Valenzeula City image

Gatchalian also mentioned that the toll company's RFID policy has an 'inefficient' reloading system as the credits were not loaded in real-time. He also called out the account management issues with the RFID system which caused missing loads, double charging, negative balance, as well as 'ghost riders', wherein motorists were charged even without using the expressway.

With NLEX Corporation agreeing to relocate its RFID installation sites away from toll plazas and bringing back cash lanes for the holidays, the toll operator is optimistic that it will be able to mitigate traffic buildup. Hopefully, when January 30, 2021 rolls around, the company would have already sorted most, if not all of the RFID glitches.