After being raided by France’s antifraud officials over an emissions probe, Renault appears to be in the clear after the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy found no such device in their HQ or engineering facilities.

Even with the good news, the French Homologation Authority (UTAF) will still continue to conduct tests on over 100 Renault vehicles in circulation. Among the vehicles involved are four cars that according to Renault caught the attention of the antifraud officials.

Both Renault and French Agency for Energy and Climate (DGEC) have already considered that the investigation will have a positive result given the lack of emissions cheating device on the said vehicles. In addition, Renault treated the raid and ongoing investigation as a way to further improve their solutions in manufacturing cars.

Apart from the ongoing emissions tests, antifraud officials will still carry out additional on-site and material investigations to avoid inconsistencies.

Renault’s teams are still fully cooperating with the technical commission and the additional investigation teams that were tasked by the Ministry of Economy.