Are you planning to move to the Shoe Capital of The Philippines and set up a new business or place to call home? Better make sure that that it will have parking space as Marikina Mayor Marcy Teodoro, as well as the city council recently passed a new ordinance called the 'No Garage, No Building Permit'.

The new ordinance was recently passed in compliance with the Department of Interior & Local Government's (DILG) Memorandum Circular No. 2019-121, or the 'clear up of roads of illegal structures and constructions'.

Authored by Councilor Donn Favis, the new ordinance will require new businesses (as well as new homes) to have adequate parking space or a garage. Failure to comply will result in not being issued a building permit. With it, Favis claims that will reduce the number of cars parked along the streets where parking is allowed, as well as free up space along sidewalks which pedestrians can now use.

In Section 3 of the new city ordinance, it states that “Anyone who intends to construct a structure shall be required to show proof like the presentation of a building plan or blue print or, attesting to the availability of a permanent parking space or facility on his/her proposed construction as a requirement for the issuance of a building permit.”

Aside from the new No Garage, No Building Permit policy, Favis also filed a new ordinance wherein subdivisions are ordered to remove their gates in order to allow motorists to pass through. According to Favis, it has already been approved by the city council. However, several homeowners associations objected the new policy for security reasons. Mayor Teodoro, however, has stated that some subdivisions have already removed their gates in compliance to the new city ordinance.

With the Proof-of-Parking Space Act (aka Senate Bill No. 368) still yet to be passed, maybe Marikina's new city ordinances will serve as an alternative means that can be followed by other lawmakers or neighboring cities. Here's to hoping that these will make a difference in Marikina City.