Looking at the sales trend in the US, the top five best-sellers are comprised of pickups and SUVs. With that, Ford has decided to discontinue a large chunk of their passenger car range in America.

Following the announcement of their first quarter sales figures, Ford said that they are shifting their attention to SUVs (which includes crossovers) and pickup trucks. At the moment, the Ford USA passenger car range consists of the C-Max, Fiesta, Focus, Fusion (Mondeo), Mustang and Taurus. Not to worry, Ford won't kill off the iconic pony car but the rest of the range will be axed in succeeding years.

A spokesperson from Ford said that the full-sized Taurus will be the first to cease production. The E-segment sedan and will no longer be offered in the US by March 2019. Next to get booted of the US range will be the Fiesta and it will be discontinued by May 2019. Ford's best-selling sedan is the Fusion but that too will not see an all-new model although it is yet to be known when sales will stop. The same goes for the Focus. With this move, that means the recently introduced fourth-generation Focus standard hatch and sedan will not make it to the US.

No more sedans: Ford shifts focus to SUVs and pickups in the US

The leaves the Mustang as the sole survivor in the passenger car range for the US. Ford still needs a C-segment offering in the States and their contender will be the Focus Active. It is essentially a Focus hatchback with a raised ride height to give it a crossover look. With that, Ford says that 90 percent of their US range will be pickups and SUVs.

So while the passenger car side of the business isn't raking in the profits, the SUV and truck side is booming. North America has just gotten the Ranger and Ford is just about ready to roll out the revived Bronco. An all-new Explorer will also be revealed next year and a yet to be named mini-SUV is set to debut before the decade ends.