Sorry to burst the bubble, but it seems the country's largest fuel consortium, Petron Corporation, will not be bringing in renowned hypercar brand Pagani to the Philippines.

The rumor came about after a website speculated that Petron may be hinting at bringing in Pagani automobiles into the country. The root of the speculation came in the form of a press release from the fuel company's agency that ended with the following statement: 

There are currently no Pagani hypercars in the Philippines, but that may change very soon!

We contacted some insiders to inquire about such a sensational end to a press release, and it was confirmed to us that they will not be establishing a Pagani dealership or any related operations here.

“As far as we know, it's just the toy car,” was the response of our source over a phone call.

What our source was referring to is an upcoming promotion by Petron to offer Pagani die cast models at their service stations, not the actual automobiles. 

Pagani Automobili S.p.A. was established by former Lamborghini engineer and carbon fiber specialist Horacio Pagani. The ultra low volume hypercar manufacturer is based in Italy and is known for the Zonda. Pagani's current production is centered around the Huayra.

“We recently acquired BMW in the Philippines, and Pagani isn't in our plans,” concluded our source.