The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be implementing the "No registration, no travel" policy starting April 1, 2015. Motorists who violate the new policy will be fined PhP 5,000, PhP 10,000 and even have their cars impounded.

Under the planned policy which the agency will officially announce early next week, motor vehicles which travel without plates will be flagged down subject to inspection.


Newly purchased cars will be allowed to travel within 7 days of purchase. Provided the following is presented:

- Certificate of Stock Reported issued by the manufacturer or distributor.

- Sales invoice

- Certificate of coverage from an authorized insurance company for third-party liability


After the 7-day period, new vehicles will be required to have a Certificate of Registration (CR) and Official Receipt (OR) of registration issued by the LTO. The vehicle should have license plates installed as well according to the agency which is guaranteeing that new vehicle registrations will have their license plates issued along with the registration after 7 days of purchase

Vehicles which travel after the 7 day period without a valid registration will be cited for "Driving an Unregistered Vehicle" and fined Php 10,000

Those apprehended for continuing to use their motor vehicles for thirty-seven (37) calendar days after the sales invoice date without plates or registration will have their vehicle impounded in addition to the PhP 10,000 fine.

If a motorist is found to have their CR and OR documents without plates, they will be issued a ticket for failure to install license plates which will come with a corresponding PhP 5000 penalty. However, the agency will be giving a 5-day period to contest the violation if they believe it is one of their offices that has been found to cause the delay.

Vehicles with "Optional Motor Vehicle Special Plate" (OMVSP) applications will have an extended period of up to 45 days before being required to install their plates. Motorists will not be cited once their LTO issued Official Receipt has been inspected to indicate the corresponding application under the OMVSP program.

Brand new vehicle registrations will also not be allowed to choose their ending digits in order to facilitate the "efficient" process of registration and plate issuance.

"The process of choosing and waiting for preferred plate ending digits for number coding purposes have been delaying the agency’s processes. That is why we have required the application under our OMVSP program since September 2013 to issue registration and plates on time," said LTO Assistant Secretary Alfonso Tan, Jr. in an earlier interview.

The long-delayed policy is supposedly being implemented in aid of law enforcement to curb activities of lawless elements who frequently use vehicles with no plates to commit crimes.

The agency has also been subject to much criticism for the delay of implementation of its Plate Standardization Program which earlier promised motorists new plate designs by September of 2013. The agency only started issuing new plate designs beginning May 8, 2014.

The issue on plate release has been a long debate between car dealers and the LTO accompanied by finger pointing on who to blame with regard to the delay. The agency along with its parent organization the DOTC (Department of Transport and Communications) took the issue to a higher level by threatening to expose erring car dealers they claim "are delinquent and not fulfilling their services to customers and pass the blame to the LTO instead."

A dealer source who wished anonymity countered this claim stating "they have over a hundred of applications for regular license plates and special plates which have yet to be issued by the agency."

"Why will we intentionally delay the issuance of plates to our customers when this will damage our relationship with them and hamper future transactions. As much as possible we would like to fulfill the issuance of plates, because this is a problem for us as well," our source added.

Here's a link to the official memorandum circular from the LTO.