The Land Transportation Office reportedly plans to start implementing the program starting January next year, with less than a month to go, further details about the program still haven't surfaced from the LTO. There's still no news yet on whether or not the proposed redesign and standardization of our license plate will push through.

For now, the only details that are made clear to the public is that the 'new' motor vehicle license plates will now have a barcode as part of its security features that the authorities can scan to obtain details about the vehicle and its registration status. It will also now have a combination of three letters and four numbers for cars while motorcycles will have a combination of two alpha numeric symbols with five numbers.

As for the 'standardization' part, all existing license plates are to be surrendered to the LTO for them to replace it(within 45 days) with the updated design. Car owners will be charged PhP450, while a fee of PhP120 will be charged for motorcycles. Special 'one-way' screws are to be used on installing the new plates to deter thieves from stealing them.

With less than a month to go, we've yet to see official details about the license plate standardization scheme by the LTO.