Several weeks ago, the NBI arrested nine individuals for the manufacturing and selling of fake documents (i.e. passports, driver's licenses). Following that, the Land Transport Organization (LTO) will now be intensifying its campaign against falsified documents. Moreso, the LTO is also advising the public to be cautious against those trying to extract money in exchange for their preferred ending plate number.

“As part of our intensified campaign, the LTO will bar from obtaining or renewing the driver’s licenses of those who will be identified patronizing these illegal operations while those who will be caught manufacturing fake LTO documents will be criminally charged in court,” said LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante.

To help identify fake driver's licenses, LTO Executive Director Lawyer Romeo Vera Cruz says that the agency is also coordinating with the banking industry to provide the know-how in distinguishing the fakes from the real ones.

Apart from fake documents, the LTO says they have also received information regarding car dealers and agents asking for additional payment from clients who wanted to choose the number ending of their vehicle plates; claiming it as 'added service'.

Based on the information received by the agency, a client is being charged in the amount from Php 3,000 to Php 5,000 if he wants to choose the ending number for the vehicle plate of his brand new car saying that the transaction is considered as 'special plate'. However, Galvante says that motorists should only the pay the amount issued in the official receipts as the agency does not charge anything above the prescribed fees.

“We will not condone this act and put these people where they should be. We may withdraw the accreditation of the erring car dealer and their agents,” said Galvante.

The LTO clarified that to-date, the agency has not accepted application for special plates and the issuance of the same is still suspended until the backlog on vehicular plates has been resolved.

The government is planning to have all new vehicles coming out of the car dealerships with plates already attached to them as part of the LTO’s 'Moving Forward' program.