Motorists that frequently take the Alabang Viaduct-Skyway Ramp (aka the northbound Skyway steel ramp) will have to find another way to get onto the elevated expressway.

The SLEX Manila Toll Expressway Systems Inc (SLEX-MaTES) recently announced that the northbound steel ramp would be closed to traffic. Effective April 19, 2021, at 6:00 AM, motorists will no longer be allowed to take the ramp. Motorists that are going southbound, however, can still take the steel ramp when heading towards SLEX.

Northbound Skyway steel ramp near SLEX-Alabang to be closed April 19 image

But why will it be closed to traffic in the first place? That's because San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has opened the new Skyway Extension Northbound from Susana Heights.

First opened to the public last April 11, 2021, the 4-kilometer extension will link to the Skyway System for motorists from Laguna, Batangas, and Cavite. More importantly, however, the northbound extension will allow motorists to bypass the Alabang viaduct that causes congestion in the area.

Northbound Skyway steel ramp near SLEX-Alabang to be closed April 19 image

Motorists that wish to take the new Skyway Extension Northbound are advised to take the SLEX Susana Heights Northbound Entry and keep to the right to access the Skyway extension ramp. For now, only two of the three lanes of the northbound extension are open to traffic. Also, Class 1 vehicles are the only ones allowed to access the northbound extension. Use of the new 4-kilometer segment is free of charge until further notice.

With the northbound steel ramp set to be closed next week, perhaps there will no longer be any more congestion near SLEX-Alabang. Let's hope that the congestion will not transfer near Susana Heights.