Remember when Toyota filed a trademark for the BZ name last year? We were excited at the idea of a potentially new wagon model. But unfortunately, it won’t be a new version of the Corolla BZ Touring wagon (sorry, Toyota fans). Instead, BZ stands for Beyond Zero, and it will be Toyota’s new lineup of battery electric vehicles.

The vehicle's first EV under the Beyond Zero lineup will debut on April 19 in Shanghai, and it’s a crossover. At the moment, there are not a lot of details to go on about the upcoming EV. However, Toyota has released a teaser photo and video of the vehicle in question. The lone photo shows a part of the crossover’s front end. And from what we can see, it looks unlike any Toyota model on the market today.

Like most EVs, there’s a flat face with small intakes on the corner of the bumper. The headlights sit level with the grille. Thanks to some tinkering in Photoshop, the EV will also have a small, central intake located in the lower half of the bumper. The rest of the crossover, unfortunately, remains covered.

From the teaser video, we can see the crossover’s outline from the side. Interestingly, its outline also resembles the EV crossover concept Subaru revealed last year. Do remember that the upcoming Subaru EV will be a joint development between them and Toyota. Assuming this is the model in question, it will be around the same size as a Forester. Well, at least according to Subaru when they introduced the concept.

We all have a lot of questions about Toyota’s upcoming BZ EV. How much range will it have? Will it be front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive? What’s the power, and many more. Thankfully, that will all be cleared up once the model debuts in a week at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.