Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, Honda is dealing with a different kind of virus. A cyber virus that is. Recently, Honda was hit with a virus that affected their production.

The attack, which Honda believes was caused by ransomware last Monday, affected the company's global auto and motorcycle production. This forced Honda to stop operations as they needed to check and confirm whether its quality control systems were compromised after the attack. Honda also claims that the suspected ransomware hit the company's internal servers, where the problem originated.

According to cyber-security experts, the attack on Honda may have been caused by an 'Ekans' (backward for snake) ransomware which is designed to sabotage industrial control systems networks. This allows hackers to access encrypted data or lockout users of its IT systems, holding it hostage until an amount can be paid to the hackers. With Honda actually having to cease production, it may have actually caused some disruption in Honda's manufacturing systems.

With it, the company has confirmed that several factories around the globe (UK, Brazil, North America, Turkey, India, Italy, and Japan) had to suspend operations due to the attack two days ago. Production has resumed in some factories yesterday but the facilities in Ohio, Turkey, India, and Brazil have yet to restart due to the ransomware disrupting production.

Honda is hopeful that they will be able to restart factory production across all factories soon as they continue to deal with the online virus.

Source: Reuters, BBC