Do you remember when keyless entry started becoming the height of car security? Fast forward to present day, we have key fobs that provide the same feature, plus the ability to start the car without having to turn a key via push-button start.

Chery seems to think that car key technology needs to take a modern turn yet again. While many may think that the key fob is fine an instrument as it is, the Chinese automaker wants to incorporate car owners’ lifestyles with their automobiles. With that, they are introducing what you see here: the Chery Smartwatch Key.

Alongside watches, fitness bands have become a simple fad vis a vis a necessity among people of all ages. The Chery Smartwatch is basically your fitness band but this time, instead of just monitoring your step count and stress levels, it can now control your Chery Tiggo 8. (Note that this new piece of tech is only available with this specific vehicle for now)

Chery PR smartwatch image

Passive entry is among its many functions, allowing you to lock and unlock your doors when you’re in close proximity. Passive Start is also a convenient way for you to turn on and start cooling your cabin well before you enter your car. For us in the Philippines, this is a good feature to have. A trigger for opening and closing the tailgate and windows is also part of its novelty.

To better make it a daily companion, it has the standard fitness band functions such as a pedometer, a heart rate monitor, activity reminder, a calorie consumption recorder, and a sleep tracker. Those who have active lifestyles can even take the Chery Smartwatch underwater to up to 30 meters.

Chery’s new piece of tech also has the capability to connect with your mobile phone, giving you notifications, showing your messages, and allowing you to answer or reject phone calls. Multiple languages are available, and firmware updates will also be made available by Chery.

The Chery Tiggo 8 throws the Smartwatch Key in with every purchase. When you choose to drive a 7-seater crossover that retails for PhP 1,280,000, it seems that Chery is taking your life and style into consideration, too. Really, if your car looks good and trendy, what should stop you from doing and being the same, right?