It looks like American Muscle will soon get a helping hand from electric motors. Yes you read that right, the quintessential pony car will be available as a hybrid in the near future. However, don't expect a big block motor under the hood.

According to Ford, the Hybrid Mustang will be 'all about delivering V8-like performance with more low-end torque'. Having said that, it's safe to say that the hybrid pony car will come with a smaller engine and less than eight cylinders. Our best guess is that it will come with either a four- or six-cylinder engine that will be helped along by electric motors.

Other details about the upcoming Hybrid Mustang remain scrace although Ford did mention that their new generation of hybrids will have more space, be more efficient and will be less expensive than current hybrids.

“Hybrids for years have been mostly niche products but are now on the cusp of a mainstream breakout. The valuable capability they offer – plus fuel efficiency – is why we’re going to offer hybrid variants of our most popular and high-volume vehicles, allowing our loyal, passionate customers to become advocates for the technology,” said Jim Farley, Ford president for Global Markets.

Other models that will be getting a hybrid version include the F-150, Explorer, Escape and the Bronco.

When officially launched, the Hybrid Mustang will join the EcoBoost and V8 GT models.